2015 Neighborhood Security Update

Following our very successful mixed daytime and nighttime patrol schedule that Tru Security provided to the neighborhood during the holiday season we are working continuously with their team to develop a continuously changing program of mixed daytime and nighttime patrols that is responsive to emerging patterns of incidents in the neighborhood. The HEAR leadership receives daily reports from the Tru Security patrol, and these reports, in combination with information available through crimemapping.com (the website that the Albuquerque Police Department uses to provide maps of crimes in the city), help us update our neighborhood patrol strategies as needed.  

Please remember - For emergencies call 911. For non-emergency incidents TRU Security can be contacted, day or night, at 505-515-0067 (alternate number: 505-712-8721).

If you would like to share information about an incident or suspicious activity with your neighbors you can also send an email to hear.newsletter@gmail.com to request that it be sent out through our neighborhood mailing list.