Neighborhood Security Update

You may or may not know that, as of March, this year, HEAR has hired a new security company to patrol our neighborhood. They are “TRU Security”. As with our prior security company, TRU Security is patrolling seven nights a week between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. They will be patrolling three times per night. Also, as before, during certain times of the year we will switch to daytime patrols.

TRU Security patrols using white, unmarked, Ford Crown Victoria police style cars, with black push-bars on the front of the vehicle. The cars do not have a rotating amber light on top, but do have standard police style internal multicolor flashing lights in front and back. They will only turn on the flashing lights when they stop to investigate an incident, or when they stop to do a “walk-up” to a home to report an open garage door.

There are several noteworthy differences between TRU Security and our prior security company:

1. TRU hires officers who are former and retired police and military personnel.

2. TRU patrol officers are armed with guns, tasers and pepper spray. Also, they have have lapel video cameras which they use to record any incident they encounter. The security company’s first line of defense is to call the police! They will only draw/use a weapon as a last resort if they are severely threatened and in immediate personal danger.

Note: For emergencies call 911. For non-emergency incidents TRU Security can be contacted, day or night, at 505-515-0067 (alternate number: 505-712-8721).

*For more in-depth information about TRU Security, please refer to their web site:

TRU Security is providing HEAR with weekly incident reports. Aside from two incidents involving teens smoking pot in their cars near Rotary Park (police and parents were called), the majority of incident reports are of open garage doors. Thankfully, there seem to be fewer garage door reports then in the past.